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Fridge Alphabet Line Magnet Match-Activity for Toddlers

June 2, 2020 No Comments
I am so excited to share this simple alphabet activity with you today!  I set this up for my daughter on a Tuesday after a long weekend because those days just call for a super fast set up that doesn’t require much thinking!  This activity came to me right before my daughter was going to wake up so a quick set up was the perfect fit!  this fridge tape alphabet line and magnet match took under five minutes to prep and kept us occupied for a few days.

This activity is perfect for when I’m making breakfast or dinner and need Little Miss Toddler to stay engaged in an activity but wants to stay close to me.  It’s such a win-win!  To set this up, I wrote out lowercase letters on five strips of painters tape.  Side note, there are so many uses for painters tape with toddler activities!  I highly recommend you stock up on some.
I then set out our letter magnets that I got from Target Dollar Spot last year but there are so many great alphabet magnet sets out there and I will try and link a few below.  To start the activity off, we sang the alphabet song together and pointed to the letters as we sang and then I let her get right to work.  She did this activity on her own but I was there asking her about the letters and narrating for her the letter names and sounds.  
When it comes to alphabet activities for my toddler, I like to keep things casual and natural.  A lot of conversation between the two of us and a lot less quizzing, no “What letter is that?” We name it, say the sound, and talk about some words that start with that sound. 
This activity is simple, engaging, and effective and can lead to some color sorting, beginning sound matching, capital and lowercase letter matching activities.  If your fridge is not magnetic, not to worry, this can be done on a cookie sheet or on another magnetic surface in your home.   A simple activity like this can grow and change with your child.

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Materials Used For This Activity:
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