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The Best Podcasts for Little Kids

October 16, 2023

One of the best things I started doing for myself as a mom was to using kids podcasts in the car.  Those moments when I just needed a break and was so tempted to hand my phone over.  That’s when I would turn a podcast on. The Search for Kids…

Fall Preschool Science: Apple Volcanoes

September 13, 2022

Fall Preschool Science: Apple Volcanoes Any experiment that involves baking soda and vinegar is a hit with toddlers and preschoolers.  You truly can’t go wrong when you reinvent this over and over.  Seeing their face as they observe the chemical reaction is one of the best parts. The perfect way…

How to Make An Apple Orchard Dramatic Play Stand

September 6, 2022

Create an engaging apple orchard dramatic play stand perfect for your toddlers and preschoolers. Apple Orchard Dramatic Play Stand The start of September signals a few things.  The start of football weekends, the hope of crisp mornings, and all things apples and pumpkins. One of my favorite ways to bring…

5 Early Literacy Tips For Parents

March 31, 2022

5 Early Literacy Tips for Parents to encourage a love of reading and learning. I am all about easy and simple here and believe it or not, it is possible to expose your child to early literacy skills from the start without the added stress. When you hear the term, early…

Easy Hanukkah Activities for Toddlers

November 23, 2021

    Are you looking for simple activities to learn more about Hanukkah this year with your toddler?  Then, I know you will love this round up of simple Hanukkah activities, book recommendations, and more! I am sorry to say that I had every intention of writing this post months…

Fun Activities for 12-18 Month Olds

October 7, 2021

Activities For Young Toddlers Simple and fun activities for 12-18 month olds Simple and fun activities to do at home with your 12-18 month old.  The young toddler months are amongst the most exciting but also the most challenging when at home with your little ones.  Our young toddlers are…

How To Help Our Kids Cut Down On Screen Time

September 8, 2021

3 Ways To Help Cut Down On Screen Time Activities and Routine Tips to Help Cut Down on Screen Time Anyone else need to cut down on screen time after the summer months?!  I know we do!  During the summer, we found ourselves at home having way too much screen…

5 Components For A Predictable Daily Toddler Routine

May 15, 2021

The 5 Components For A Predictable Toddler Daily Routine When I started staying home with my daughter full-time, I realized the same nagging question came popping up every day. The question that constantly plagued me was, “What do I do with my toddler ALL day?” As a teacher, I constantly…

Hi! I’m Jayme! A former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom sharing toddler activities, mom tips, and educational resources to help you learn and play with your children. I believe in the power of PLAY and creating meaningful activities for you and your little ones to enjoy together.

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