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DIY Name Board For Beginning Name Practice

June 29, 2020 No Comments
Do you have a little one at home who is beginning to practice spelling and writing their name?  This name building board is a perfect DIY project to whip together for them to practice at home. I wanted to create more activities that we can reuse over and over again that will help prep Little Miss for her “official” start of preschool.  I have been seeing the cardboard activity trend for so long and honestly who doesn’t have a huge stash of boxes taking up space in their garage currently?!
I am a huge advocate of hands-on activities and this name building board is no exception.  When a child is learning their name there are so many complicated steps that go into it.  I wanted this board to give Little Miss multiple opportunities to recognize the letters in her name, build it, and then finally trace it.
This name building board serves as a hands-on, tactile, and reusable way for your toddlers and preschoolers to practice recognizing, building, and tracing their name.
Here’s How to Set Up Your Name Building Board:
Grab a piece of cardboard, a Sharpie marker, an a stack of post-its to set this up!
There are 3 parts to this name building board to expose your little one to their name as much as possible.
1.  Match It-Match the post-its to the letters on the board that were prewritten in Sharpie marker
2.  Build It-Build their name with magnets, letter stamps, letter stickers, etc.
3.  Trace It-I cut and glued parts of Ziploc bags to create the reusable write and wipe part that I put over her name in Sharpie Marker.  If you have packing tape or contact paper it would probably hold up better than the bags!


Here’s What You Need To Make This Board:
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I can’t wait to use this DIY Name Building Board as part of our morning routine with our interactive file folder calendar and morning basket.  This hands-on approach will help so much with recognizing the letters in her name, reading it, and then writing it when she’s ready for that step.


If you’re looking for additional activities and printables to do with your toddler and preschooler at home, check out our Learn and Play Activity Guide and Printable packet.  You will find 13 hands-on activities for your little ones at home to practice letter recognition, number practice, counting, sensory activities, and movement games.  Keep your kids learning at home with these fun and engaging activities!


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