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9 Favorite Games for 2-3 Year Olds to Play Inside During Covid-19 Quarantine

April 2, 2020 No Comments
{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means if you choose to purchase through these links I make a small commission.}
During this Covid-19 quarantine, I have been trying to find fun and simple games I can play with my toddler that keeps her engaged and moving.  I know for many of us, keeping our toddlers entertained is one of the biggest challenges of this time spent at home and I am hoping that sharing some of our favorite games, puzzles, and indoor activities to play together will help provide some ideas and inspiration to add to your day to day!  These games and activities are all linked in my Amazon storefront here for easy delivery to your doorstep.  These games and activites are perfect for your toddlers but can also be enjoyed by older family members too. 
When choosing these games I try and keep a few things in mind.  Interest, time spent playing, and ease of directions.  My daughter is 34 months old and has a shorter attention span still so I want to make sure that these games are fun but also don’t require much time sitting in one place.
1.  MudPuppy Jumbo Puzzles
These puzzles are perfect for little hands and have been brought out multiple times already!  We have the ballerina one and love it!  There are many different variations out there for themes.  These ballerinas and zoo animals are just two examples. 

2.  Beginning Matching Picture Games
We have been playing this Frozen II matching game and my daughter is loving it!  I haven’t put out all of the cards yet because I don’t want it to be too overwhelming to her.  I chose this one because we have a big Frozen fan in our house and I have a feeling you may as well. 

3.  The Lucky Duck Memory Game
This interactive memory game is so fun for toddlers but is also a great way to review shapes and colors.  It’s a very easy set up once you put the initial shape stickers onto the bottom of the ducks and can be played over and over again with multiple players.

4.  Peacable Kingdom Acorn Soup
This counting game is so much fun to play with your toddler!  It’s an opportunity to practice counting and play imaginatively by cooking up fun soup recipes with all of the ingredients!  We have been feeding our soup concoctions to our baby dolls and loving it!

5.  Toddler Scavenger Hunt at Home Cards
There have been so many amazing scavenger hunts online recently and I don’t think you can have enough.  I love these toddler scavenger hunt cards that focus on having your little one find objects in the home.  It’s a great way to get your little one up and moving and still having fun at home!

6.  Seek-a-Boo
Seek-a-Boo is one of our first ever games that we played!  It’s so fun to get your little one up and moving and trying to find the objects that you call out.  This is a great game for vocabulary development and so much fun for toddlers.  The cards have large pictures on them and are easily grabbed with little hands.

7.  Peacable Kingdom Monkey Around 
This is the game that keeps coming up day after day!  My daughter has been loving this cooperative game and we have even started playing it over Facetime with family members who we can’t see right now.  The cards are interactive and ask the players to do actions solo or together and each action is giggle worthy!

8.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar ABC Spin & Seek
If your toddler or preschooler is already having fun recognizing their lowercase and uppercase letters and loves the Eric Carle classic, then this game will surely be a hit for your family!

9.  Jooki- Personal Music and Story Player
This screen free music player has been coming with us everywhere.  And by everywhere I mean in the living room, in the bathroom, in our backyard, in our front yard, and on bike rides with us.  I absolutely love the security I have of putting child friendly playlists and audio book lists on my app and she still feels like she has full control over her personal music player.  This is an investment piece but I know it will be used in our family for years to come.

I hope that these games and indoor activities will be helpful and fun for your family while we’re staying safe at home and beyond.  These toddler games and activities have quickly become a bright spot in our day and keep us learning and playing together!  I have even more toddler games and indoor activities linked in my Amazon storefront here.  
If you are looking for more ways to learn and play with your toddlers at home, I have over 13 activities that are perfect for you!  These hands-on activities that are part of my April Learn and Play Activity Packet were created specifically with your 2-3 year old in mind to practice early literacy skills, early math skills, fine motor, and gross motor skills.  These activities are easy to set up and perfect for you to play together!  You can find them in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.  If you like these activities and want to play and learn with your toddler all year long, you can find the bundle of monthly activities here and get them sent straight to you at the beginning of each month here!
I hope these activities and games keep you and your toddler engaged and entertained for the next few weeks!
Thank you for being here!

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