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January Learn and Play Resource Guide and Activities for 2-3 Year olds

December 31, 2019 No Comments
I can’t begin to express how excited I am to share this new standards based resource guide and companion activity pack for 2-3 year olds with you all!  This idea came to me over the last month because as my daughter continues to grow and learn and is showing more and more interest in doing learning activities with me at home.   I felt like I was constantly scrambling around trying to find activities that best suited her age and development for each after nap or morning activity.  It was taking up so much time and hours and hours scrolling through Pinterest just didn’t feel right.  I couldn’t find a guide or resource out there that truly targeted the standards and developmental milestones for her age group in a way that was easily accessible to parents.  So, I thought well why not create my own?!  That’s how the Learn and Play Resource Guide and Activity Pack was started!
What is the Learn and Play Resource Guide and Activity Pack?
I wanted to create a plan for parents, caregivers, and teachers alike to all use with their littles one that they would feel confident about during the month of January.  I created two parts to this resource that all go along with the Florida Learning and Early Development Standards for 2-3 Year Olds since that’s where we live.  The resource guide has activities that can be used throughout the entire month of January that fit 8 categories of early childhood development; sensory, gross motor, fine motor, literacy, early math, social/emotional, science, and social studies. 
Some of these activities have been created by me, while others are ideas and crafts I have found from other blogs and resources.  In the FREE resource guide, you have links to all of the resources that I have collected from around the web including, winter sparkly process art, snowflake doily process art, snowflake play dough tray, winter finger plays, and day and night pictures sorts. The FREE resource guide can only be accessed through my email list and it also contains book recommendations as well as questions to use with your little ones before reading, during reading, and after reading.  If you would like to sign up for my newsletter to receive the February FREE Learn and Play Guide sign up here!
What is in the January Learn and Play Activity Pack?
In addition to the January Learn and Play FREE resource guide, I wanted activities that I could easily pull out and use with Little Miss Toddler that I knew for sure would meet the standards that I had picked out for this month.  The activities provided in this pack cover the following standards:
  • counts groups of one to five objects
  • models and creates AB patterns
  • labels simple emotions
  • continues to practice fine motor skills
  • uses gross motor skills through play
  • engages in sensory play
  • sequences events of the day
  • sorts by color, sound, and size
  • recognizes difference between daytime and nighttime
Inside the 10 activities that can be used throughout the entire month of January include Arctic Animals sensory bin and matching, a Penguin alphabet letter match, play dough emotions task cards, snowman emotions charades, Penguin color sort activity and sensory bin, mitten counting mats, Snowman pattern strips and practice activity, New Years goal setting sheet, and Sequence of the day labels and chart. 
This activity pack is sold separately in my TpT store but also includes the standards that are being met by these activities and the full January Learn and Play Resource Guide.  You can purchase this packet in my store here!

My hope is that this guide helps you plan your activities for your 2-3 year olds for the entire month of January without the stress of scrambling around trying to search for activities.  This guide and activity pack is all you need to engage your little ones in meaningful and worthwhile play.  They won’t even realize they’re learning while they’re playing!  This activity pack and resource guide has suggestions for how to do these activities but you can always modify and change them to best fit you and your child or student’s needs.  I hope these resources make the New Year stress free and create enjoyable ways for you and your little ones to learn and play together.  

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