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November Craft and Sensory Bin Supplies

October 29, 2019 No Comments
(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products that if you click and purchase through I make a small commission.) 

I can’t believe that October is almost over and all things Thanksgiving will soon be upon us!  If you’ve gone to any store recently, I’m sure you’re not surprised to see ALL of the Christmas merchandise out on display.  While I absolutely love that time of year, I can’t skip over my favorite holiday; Thanksgiving!  I can’t wait to break out all of the fun Thanksgiving craft ideas I have to do with my daughter.  But, I know that the holiday season can get incredibly busy and the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling for a craft or activity to do with your little ones amongst all of the holiday prep.

So, I thought it would be more helpful and easier for you to share some of the Thanksgiving craft and Sensory Bin supplies that I will be using throughout the month.  That way, you already have them and can pull them out at any point you want a special craft or activity to do with your little one. These craft supplies can be used to make foam turkeys, Thanksgiving wreaths, Thanksgiving Dinner placemats, etc.  
The Thanksgiving Sensory Bin Supplies can be mixed and matched to create sensory bins to last the whole month long.  Simply think of something you want your little ones to focus on and use these supplies to help create the background to the perfect Thanksgiving sensory bin. 

There are so many adorable crafts that can be made during the month of November to help celebrate Thanksgiving. I will be making paper bag turkeys, a Thanksgiving wreath, and Thanksgiving garland to name a few.  Here are a few of my craft staples that I will be using over and over again:
  1. Turkey And Scarecrow Foam Stickers from Michaels
  2. Make-A-Turkey Stickers
  3. Brown Paper Bags
  4. Artificial Feathers
  5. Crayola Bulk Construction Paper
  6. Thanksgiving Foam Bead Mix Set
  7. Fall Harvest Pumpkin Foam Stickers
  8. Acrylic Leaves Party Scatter
  9. Foam Craft Sheets
  10. Artificial Acorn Table Scatter
If you would like to see these items up close, I have them all linked in my Amazon Store here!

For Thanksgiving themed sensory bins I am planning on using the same materials over and over again to create bins that help us focus on the elements of Thanksgiving dinner, exploring new textures, introducing the alphabet and numbers, as well as Thanksgiving patterns.  These sensory bin fillers and add-ons will help me create sensory bins throughout the entire month of November!  The items I will be using over and over are:
  1. Artificial Maple Leaf Decorations
  2. Multicolored Fall Pom-Poms
  3. Fall Leaf Mini Erasers
  4. Play Food
  5. Dry Yellow Corn
  6. Dry Pinto Beans
  7. Acrylic Leaves Party Table Scatter
  8. Fall Harvest Pasta
  9. Artificial Acorn Table Scatter
Visit my Amazon Storefront HERE to see more!

To complete my sensory bins, I will add household items like bowls, spoons, funnels, and anything else around the house I have to help work on fine motor skills.  I will also add a few special Thanksgiving themed ice trays and cookie cutters that I have linked in my Amazon storefront here!  Don’t forget to hold onto your toilet paper and paper towel rolls, they make great turkeys for your sensory bins or crafts too!
Will you be crafting and creating sensory bins with your little ones in November?  This supply list would be perfect to save and keep for next year as well.  Use this with your students or your kids at home.  The possibilities for Thanksgiving crafts and sensory bins are endless and I hope this list helps prepare you for the month ahead!  I am looking forward to sharing more of what we create and work on throughout the entire month of November!

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