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December 11, 2018 No Comments
Punctuation poster for writing workshop

I don’t know about you, but this time of year my writers are always struggling to remember to add punctuation to the end of their sentences.  There’s so much for them to remember while they’re writing from coming up with their own ideas, to remembering to start their sentences with a capital letter, to sounding out tricky words; it’s no wonder they can’t remember to add a punctuation mark at the end!
As much as we want to encourage writers to use correct punctuation, I standby the fact that having them come up with their own ideas and write with the qualities of writing that we’re asking for that genre is mostly what I’m looking for from my first grade writers.  However, mechanics should not and cannot be ignored.
That’s why I find this 3 step chant or saying to be highly effective for my writers to remember to include their punctuation at the end of their sentences.  I found myself constantly repeating:
 1. SAY IT
I find that for my first graders orally rehearsing their writing before they put it down on paper to be HIGHLY effective.  I recommend this for every genre of writing, even something as simple as weekend news writing.
Once they have finished orally rehearsing their writing can they FINALLY write their sentences down on paper.
By including this in the chant, I find my writers are MUCH more inclined to end their sentences with a punctuation mark then without. 
Punctuation poster for writing workshop
I found myself saying it so much that I decided to create these posters to display on my whiteboard and give out student copies to keep in their writing folder.  I also wanted to give other teachers the option to print these smaller, so I included a half-sheet copy that can be taped to student desks or placed in the tools section of student writing folder.
I have posted this freebie in my TpT store in hopes that it will help other writing teachers and students alike!  You can find it by clicking the link here to download for FREE!
How do you encourage your students to add punctuation to the end of their sentences?
Punctuation poster for writing workshop

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