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Retelling Strategy for Young Readers!

February 8, 2015 No Comments

Happy Sunday everyone!  I wanted to pop in quickly to talk about my newest product.  This packet is designed to help my little readers with a very important reading strategy.  The first grade team just finished our midyear DRA testing and my little ones are still struggling with retelling.  I wanted to help them not only understand what makes a good story retell but help them to remember the parts quickly and in a catchy way.  After one of my trainings with my TCRWP staff developers, this idea was formed.  Retell with this catchy tune: tell the gist, the list, the twist, the end!  My newest packet of activities will take this idea to the next level. 

Little readers can retell with the help of the Ist family!  First meet Gist, she wants to know what the story is mostly about.  Have students share a quick summary or overview of the story they have just read.  Examples are found on these mini posters.

Then, have students list the order of events in the story. Make sure they use time order words, first, next, then, and last.

 Before your readers share the ending to the story, have them tell if anything changed from the beginning.  This can also be where students discuss how characters changed from the beginning to the end or where something unexpected happened.

Finally, have students share the ending of the story!  You will be pleasantly surprised when the students have retold a story with no trouble at all!  Display these posters by your guided reading table or mini lesson area to continue to refer to while students are reading!

Also included in this packet to help further students’ understanding, is a fun retelling chant to help introduce the concept.  My kids LOVE to sing and dance so I thought this would be a great way to bring the Ist family to life!  The chant doesn’t have a specific tune just play around with it and have fun!

Check out all of the follow up activities including the retelling chant, my retelling book, interactive notebook pages, printables, and anchor labels in my packet on tpt here!  

I hope everyone is planning for a great week ahead!

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