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January 18, 2015 2 Comments
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Good morning!  I know that I’m late to the (linky) party but I can’t wait to share all that’s been happening this week! 

my morning view 

but this view is better 

This was my view this morning. Sipping coffee out of my Mickey’s Diner mug at my parents’ condo in Florida. I’m blogging while sitting out looking at the Miami Beach bay. I know, in the words of Stephanie Tanner “How rude!” But it’s only a short trip, I swear!  Regardless I am so happy to be away from the bitter cold New Jersey winter and have a daily dose of sunshine.  Even if it is for just 3 days!  My husband and I haven’t taken a vacation just the two of us since our honeymoon…almost 3 years ago!  This is a step in the right direction, even if it’s with the in-laws!  


Contraction surgery was a HUGE hit in the classroom this week! If you’re a teacher who is introducing contractions this year, go quickly over to and pick up Christie’s from Contraction Surgery pack.  It’s wonderful!

 My co-teacher helped out so much in getting this set-up.  I have really been trying this year to reach my students in a hands-on way.  Contraction surgery was just the ticket!  I was inspired by Elizabeth over at Kickin’ It In Kindergarten from her vowel surgery experience to set the room up like an operating room.  The desks were covered in white table cloths to look like the real deal.  Each student had a mask, surgical gloves, a doctor badge, and a contraction surgery booklet to complete their task all from Christie’s pack.  We started with this awesome video from Between the Lions called… I love contractions!  So much fun!  The kids had such a blast and really understood the concept after physically changing the second word to form the contraction!  

This little one didn’t want to take her surgical gloves or mask off after and insisted on wearing it during reading.  I would call that a teacher success!

Friday the students had a half day so the teachers could stay for “data articulation day.”  We spent the afternoon looking at our mid-course SGO (student growth objective) assessments to see what students are meeting the target and which are not.  I’ve never felt less like an effective teacher.  Anyone else out there feel that way????  By the end I thought I was going cross-eyed.  Excel and I are not fast friends.
After the articulation day all I could think of was doing this…
Mission accomplished. 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their long weekend!  


  • Steph January 25, 2015 at 7:03 am

    OMG! Dressing up for contraction surgery! So adorable! Going to have to try that in the future, bet the students enjoyed that! :)

    Fishing for Education Blog

  • Jayme January 25, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    Thank you Stephanie! They absolutely LOVED it! It was too funny to watch them call each other Dr. and wear the masks and gloves at different times throughout the day!

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