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Megabloks Letter Recognition Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

May 15, 2020 No Comments
Hi everyone!  I am so excited to share this super simple alphabet activity for you to set up at home or in your classroom for toddlers and preschoolers.  Finding simple letter recognition activities for my toddler has been a challenge for me because I want to make sure my activities are hands-on and worthwhile for her to do!  I was so excited to share this activity with her because it was with building blocks that I hadn’t used with her in a while so I knew she would be excited to see them again!  I’m hoping your toddlers and preschoolers will have fun sorting and building letter block towers with your megabloks!

It doesn’t get much easier of a set up than this for your kids at home!  I used a white board marker to write on our Megabloks with a few capital and lowercase letters.  I didn’t want to overwhelm my daughter with the entire alphabet so I like to use a few letters at a time.  But, if your kids are ready for them by all means write all of the letters onto the blocks!  I used some colorful AstroBrights paper to write the matching letters onto them for our simple matching mats, placed them around the room, and hunted for our letters!  Little Miss Toddler loves a good hunt around the house so I knew hunting for these letter blocks would be a hit.  
I hide them throughout our living room and entryway for her to easily find.  She loved finding the letters and matching them to our matching mats.  We talked about the little letters and the big letters, words that start with those letters, and their sounds.  Casual conversation while she was playing is key to keep this fun and engaging.

My favorite kind of activity is one that can evolve into something else and then eventually lead into independent play.  After she was done hunting for the letter blocks and matching them to their letter mats, it was time to build some letter towers!  My favorite and always goal for all of our activities at home is to lead to this creative play so I love giving her opportunities to support her creativity.  Let them build and explore the letter blocks by building towers and create to their heart’s desire!

The best part about this activity?  The letters wipe right off and there are so many other variations to do with this activity!  Use it with numbers, letters in your child’s name, matching capital and lowercase letters, rhyming words, sight words.  The possibilities are really endless!  I would love to know if you will give this one a try!
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