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May Toddler Activities for 2-3 Year Olds

May 4, 2020 No Comments
Hi everyone!  I am so excited to share our May play guide and activities for toddlers with you.  This activity guide and companion activity packet has been so helpful for us while we’re staying home.  It not only helps to make sure that we’re playing and learning in a meaningful way, but it helps keep me organized with activities I want to do for Little Miss Toddler.  All I have to do is look at the May Learn and Play Guide at the beginning of the week to decide what activities we want to spend doing for the week.

I started to create the Monthly Learn and Play Guides for 2-3 year olds based off of a need for standards based activities for my own daughter at home.  She is not attending formal preschool yet and I wanted to make sure she was still being exposed to important skills that she would need to learn at this age.  So, I started researching the standards for early learning and created the Learn and Play guide and activity packets to go help us teach and expose her to the skills she needed at 2-3 years old.  The May Learn and Play Guide is full of hands-on activities to help you and your toddlers learn and play together at home. 

Butterfly Egg Counting Cards
One of the 12 activities for May are the butterfly egg counting cards to help your toddler or preschooler recognizes numbers and amounts from 0-10.  There are large counting mats for your child to use with counters like mini-erasers, pom-poms, coins, or laminate and use with play dough to help form the numbers and practice the amounts.  There are also smaller cards included to play a number matching game or to place in a sensory bin to find the correct amount. 

Frog Lily Pad Shape Match Game
Have your little ones practice matching basic 2-D shapes this month with this fun and and hands-on frog lily pad shape match game!  Cut out the lily pad shape mats and the shape frogs to go with them.  Have your kids match the frogs to their correct lily pad shape.  For added fun, place the frog shapes into a sensory bin with dried peas or blue water beads and have them sort the shapes that way. 
Pond Life Fine Motor Mats
I am so excited about these pond life fine motor mats!  The pond theme is a highlight this month and I am so excited to have Little Miss Toddler enjoy these!  On one side of each mat is a place to make the shape with play dough and on the other side of the mat is a place to fill the shape with dot markers, paint, or crayons.  These fine motor mats will be so much fun to use over and over again!

Mother’s Day Tea Pom-Pom Color Sort
We know that Mother’s Day will look a little different this year but who says you can’t still have your Mother’s Day Tea?  I set this color sorting pom-pom activity up for Little Miss Toddler and I to do together and it was so much fun.  We read our Mother’s Day books together first, then used our fine motor tools like tweezers and handy scoopers to sort the pom-poms into the correct color tea cup. Use this activity to talk about colors, practice fine motor skills, and play pretend!
Whether you’re looking for additional activities to do at home with your kids while school is closed or you want to add some more hands-on activities into your daily routine with your toddler, this set of learning activities for May will be a big hit!  I hope that the guide helps to keep you organized for the entire month with your activity suggestions and that the activities provide hours of learning and playing together with your little ones at home.  
If you would like to learn more about these resources, click the images below!

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Hi! I’m Jayme! A former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom sharing toddler activities, mom tips, and educational resources to help you learn and play with your children. I believe in the power of PLAY and creating meaningful activities for you and your little ones to enjoy together.

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