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Early Risers Challenge For a Productive Morning Routine

March 13, 2019 No Comments
How many times have you heard that a good morning routine is the key to a productive and successful day?  I have actually lost count.  But, the sad part is, I never took it seriously.  I have proudly declared for years that I am a night owl THROUGH and THROUGH.  I would rather stay up late in a quiet house, then wake up to one.  
If I’m being honest, I never really thought there was much of a difference.  What did it matter if I stayed up a few extra hours rather then getting up earlier? 
It wasn’t until recently, while staying home with my toddler, that some things started to click into place.  I was staying up late working on creating my teaching resources or trying to catch up from the chores around the house that had gone untouched throughout the day.  I would go to bed and wake up to her cries in the morning.  Leaving myself no time to get my thoughts together or plan out the day.  
I found myself waiting for nap time to first write the to-do list and then do all the things to check them off of it.  I wasn’t accomplishing close to anything that I wanted and desperate to figure out a way to fit it all in. 
That’s when I knew I needed to change my mindset and shift my night owl ways into becoming a true morning person.  In an effort to convince myself that this was the right move for me, I did research to find a few different tricks that productive people use in their morning routines to make their day more successful and positive.  While I was researching, I couldn’t help but get excited for what this new schedule change could mean for me.  So what are those benefits of waking up earlier? Well…
Benefits of Waking Up Earlier:
  • Time to yourself so you have time for loved ones later
  • Time to set your intentions for the day
  • Time to create a to-do list
  • Time to check in with your goals and create tasks to help you reach them
  • Time to meditate and get your mind in the right place
  • Time to stretch and move your body
  • Time to list things you are grateful for
  • Time to plan out your day and reduce your stress
  • Time
  • Time
  • Time
I quickly realized, that what waking up early to create a productive morning routine would offer would be something I was always searching for; TIME.   
What is early for me right now?  So far my alarm is set at 5 am.  Whether that happens every day, jury is still out.  But, that’s what I’m hoping this challenge will help with.
 I’m so excited about the Early Risers Hustle Challenge for a productive morning routine.  This 25 day challenge is designed to help you implement specific tasks that highly effective people use as part of their morning routines for you to now use in your own.  Each new task, will bring you closer to creating a habit of waking up early and being more productive rather than having it feel like a chore.
I would LOVE for you to participate in this 25 day challenge!  We will be sharing our tasks with the hashtag #earlyriserhustlechallenge on Instagram to keep each other accountable.  If you don’t feel like posting to social media, not a problem! Simply download the Early Risers Hustle Challenge Calendar and complete these tasks at your own pace.  These tasks can be done for the full 25 days or you can pick and choose which ones would best suit you and your new productive morning routine.  

Are you ready to get started? Simply click the link to download your free PDF. Happy hustling!

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