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Pebble Go Research Reports for the Primary Classroom

February 13, 2016 2 Comments
Happy Saturday everyone!  I’m so excited to be popping in today to share about a fantastic resource that helped my first graders complete their first research report.  
In first grade my students are responsible for completing a shared research report using technology.  When my team and I first looked at this standard we were weary.  Researching in first grade?!  Could our little ones handle this?!  Were we capable of releasing so much of our “teacher power” and letting them run the show?!  The answer to all of these questions were obviously YES.  With a little research, I came across this fantastic resource that my school had just purchased, Pebble Go.  If you are unfamiliar with this site, I HIGHLY recommend you looking into it.  It’s an emergent reader research site that provides access to several different databases.  My school only purchased the animal database but there are several more to choose from such as biographies, science, social studies, dinosaurs, and animales (a Spanish version).
After looking through the animals on the database, I saw that it would be easy to separate the animals into different habitats and create a report template for all of the first graders to use.  I compiled a list of animals that live in four different habitats and provided each first grade class with animal reports in their assigned habitats.
My class chose to research animals that lived in the Rain Forest.  The animals that they could choose from included:
After we assigned our students animals, it worked out to be two students working on the same animal.  Some classes chose to have those students work together, mine worked independently.  
Each student was given three papers to use during their research time.  The first page perfectly lines up with the Pebble Go site.  Each tab of information for their animal had a circle for them to record their information on the workmat.  The second sheet was to be used when students watched a video on their animal from the site or learned some new fun facts that didn’t fit on the other sheet.  The last page, students will use in the next few weeks to create a paragraph summarizing all of their information that they learned about their animal.
My students were each given their animal on an index card and shown how to search for their animals on the site.  Once they found their animals they quickly got to work!

Having the notes template match the format of the Pebble Go site really helped my little ones research successfully and with complete independence. With only a little bit of encouragement the kids really really off and running on their own!  Here are a few action shots of my little ones researching.  I love how engaged and determined they all are!

Researching the gorilla

Serious panda concentration

This little one loved the video of the frog!

A little orangutans research. 

How cute is that panda bear?!
I had to take a step back and watch my kiddos for a little bit.  They were so engaged and working completely independently.  It was definitely a proud teacher moment.  This was so eye-opening to see how capable kids are when you give them the right tools!

If you’re interested in doing an animal research report in your primary classroom with Pebble Go, you can find my Animal Reports Packet in my TpT store here!
Teacher and student directions with visuals for easy use!  As well as Common Core State Standards for grades K-2.

Class book covers for each of the four habitats and lists of animals included in the packet.

Three different report templates for each animals.

I hope you give Pebble Go a try!  My kids really enjoyed it and can’t wait for their next research report.  Thank you so much for stopping by. 


  • Recipe for Teaching February 14, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    We have been using Pebble Go to research animal habitats! It is such a GREAT resource!!! Looks like your students did an awesome job with their research!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    ~Heather :)

  • Hey Polly May 10, 2017 at 10:53 pm

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