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Five for Friday…on a Saturday!

September 19, 2015 3 Comments
Happy Saturday everyone!  I just can’t quite get my blogging flow back yet.  This was our second week of first grade and it was a wonderful but B-U-S-Y one!
This picture says it all…truly.  I always forget what the beginning of first grade looks like and feels like!  Anyone else with me?! Combine the usual exhaustion with brand new curriculum and new administrators and you’ve got a quick glimpse into the state of my back to school affairs.  This weekend I am staying with my family while my husband is on a business trip so it is ALL about taking it slow and recharging.  Before I go for a walk with my mom in the local park, here’s a snapshot of my week with my great firsties.  Once we get the hang of things, I know this year is going to a be a wonderful one!
We started this week off with a focus on our daily objectives.  I wanted my first graders to understand what was expected of them right from the start. Plus, my new objectives display is adorable to look at, so at least we have that going for us!  Looking to spice up your objectives display? Click on the picture to take a peek at it in my TpT store.
Next up on the first grade agenda this week, NOUNS!  I love teaching grammar even if it is difficult to fit into the already packed schedule.  We watched a Brainpop video about nouns, what 6 year old doesn’t love Annie and Moby?!  We discussed nouns that are all around us and we sorted nouns into people, places, and things from my newest nouns packet.  My kids rocked the discussion and were able to recognize the kinds of nouns that described them.  In our class we have dancers, athletes, daughters, sons, cousins, and students.  Go first graders go!
Click on the picture if you’re interested in spicing up your noun instruction!  My kids did great with the different activities!
We’re starting very slowly with our word study time in first grade.  My students are doing an awesome job sorting and hunting our beginning consonants as a review from kindergarten and introduction into word study routines.  Each student has started with the same schedule as we start our word study block, but once our groups are established each group will use a different schedule to accomplish their word study goals.
What do you do when you’re prepping a completely new homework system and you run out of white printer paper?!  You use Astrobrights to spice up your new reading tic-tac-toe menus!  My first grade team and I sent these reading tic-tac-toe menus home for the first time this week with a leveled book for each student.  These menus not only ensure that our students are reading just right books, but also keep them accountable and reiterate what we’re working on in class.  Win win if you ask me!
I was wandering through Target this week, because sometimes you just need to de-stress, you know?!  I stumbled upon this t-shirt from Mean Girls and thought DONE…Halloween costume found!  I won’t wear it to school but I think I have to have it!
Thanks as always for stopping by!  I hope everyone had a wonderful week and will be able to enjoy the weekend.  We have back to school night on Monday so I will be busy prepping a few things to get myself ready.  I’m always so nervous talking in front of parents.  A room full of children, no problem!  But, adults…not so much.
I’m hoping to get back into a blogging routine as the next few weeks pass.  Happy Saturday friends!


  • Unknown September 19, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    Where can I find more information about your word study?

    • Jayme September 19, 2015 at 7:08 pm

      Hi Molly! The schedule that I'm using in the picture with my students is part of my Word Study Starter Packet on TpT. Here is the link,
      Hope that helps! Let me know any other questions you have!

  • Unknown September 22, 2015 at 12:11 am

    How will you do your sorts for kids if they meet with you in the middle or end of the week? I'm trying to find the best way to do it with kids but know I can't meet with ALL of my groups on one day.

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