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The Best Podcasts for Little Kids

October 16, 2023 No Comments

One of the best things I started doing for myself as a mom was to using kids podcasts in the car.  Those moments when I just needed a break and was so tempted to hand my phone over.  That’s when I would turn a podcast on.

The Search for Kids Podcasts

It has become a car ride tradition, a sanity saver, and has led to so many wonderful conversations for us as a family.  We now have so many favorite podcasts and it makes car rides enjoyable and much less stimulating for all of us.

As we started down the path of playing podcasts for my child at 2 years old, I also struggled with finding ones.

No one at the time was really talking about podcasts for kids.  You would hear a lot about podcasts for adults, for moms, for entrepreneurs, for so many things under the sun.

But when searching for podcasts for kids at that time, I came up empty.

So I have spent many years going through podcasts to see which ones fit our family’s needs, entertained us, educated us, and ones we just thoroughly enjoyed.

Now that my daughter is passed the toddler and preschool years, I can confidently share the ones we have loved and now the ones that we are currently listening to as well.

I hope you find podcasts that your kids will love and that you yourself will also enjoy listening to!

Why Listen to Podcasts?

Why should kids even listen to podcasts?  Well, not only are podcasts a fantastic way to cut down on screen time (if you need to) but they are also a wonderful tool to practice active listening with our little ones.

Podcasts, when done right for our kids, promote literacy and language development by hearing stories, songs, and conversations out loud.

They also promote comprehension skills and an encourage our kids to ask and answer questions which will be necessary as they grow up.

I hope you find new favorites for your entire family in this roundup!

The Best Podcasts for Toddlers

Favorite podcasts for toddlers 1.  Story Time With Josh and Blue

Join Josh and Blue as Josh tells Blue bedtime stories in this sweet podcast that bring beloved characters to life.

2.  Molly of Denali

Join Molly Mabray and her friends and family on several adventures in her hometown of Alaska.

3.  Sesame Street Podcast

Join your favorite stuffy puppets from Sesame Street in this childhood favorite!

4.  Animal Sound Safari

This one will be perfect for your animal lover!

5.  Pinkalicious & Peterrific Podcast

Join your favorite siblings from Pinkville as they navigate rainy days, friendships, and explore new adventures together. (This was a personal favorite of my daughter’s when she was a toddler!)

6. Little Stories For Tiny People

Features original stories that your little ones will love.

7. Disney’s Magic of Storytelling Podcast

Your kids will love this podcast that focuses on retelling of favorite Disney stories retold by cast members from ABC11. These are all short episodes and perfect for short car rides.

8.  Storynory

Listen to fairytales, classic stories, educational, poems, and music with this podcast.

9. Sleep Tight Stories Podcast

A relaxing bedtime stories podcast for the whole family to enjoy.

10. Thomas & Friends Storytime Podcast

Your train loving little one will be obsessed with this podcast that follows Thomas and his friends on new adventures.

The Best Podcasts for Preschoolers

You will notice a few repeats from our toddler list here as well.  Preschoolers and toddlers can enjoy them all!

The Arthur Podcast

Join Arthur as he creates his own podcast and shares stories with his friends and all of his friends that you know and love!

2. Story Pirates Podcast

Your little one will be so excited about this podcast!  Story Pirates is a podcast created by kids for kids. Each episode features an original story created by a kid, turned into a sketch comedy and songs by the talented actors.  This will become a favorite!

3. Reading Bug Adventures

This podcast is a fun way to explore new books, stories, and character!

4. Deep Blue Sea (A Spotify Original)

Calling all under sea explorers!  Your little adventurer will love listening to this podcast about all the magical oceans and sea creatures living there.

5. Kids Animal Stories with Hey Mr. Jim

Join the Critter Protectors and learn about animals of all kinds with these animal stories.  Your child will love hearing these animal stories brought to life.

6. Gardenkeeper Gus (Spotify Original)

This podcast is perfect when you need a calm moment.  Join Gus and his squirrel best friend as they go on adventures in nature.

7.  Odd Squadcast Poddcast

If your child is a fan of the Odd Squad on PBS Kids, then they will love this!  Follow the odd squad on different missions to catch villains who have been caught and bring them to justice!

8.  Circle Round

Circle Round is a beautifully published podcast that takes folktales and adds music, sound effects, and wonderful storytelling.  This one can be listened to with the whole family.

9.  WOW In the World

A favorite science podcast for the entire family!  Your kids will absolutely say wow every time they listen.

The Best Podcasts For Older Kids (6+)

Best podcasts for kids

 1. The Ten News

This podcast is perfect for your curious kids.  The Ten News talks about topics that kids care about.  Sports, science, current events, pop culture, etc.

2.  Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

A fairy tale podcast for kids about real life women based off of the series, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.


A great science podcast for kids and the entire family to enjoy together.


Join author Adam Gidwitz where he retells a classic fairytale in each new episode.

5.  Brains On!

Brains On!  Hosted by Molly Bloom is a fun and interactive science podcast for your whole family to enjoy together.

6. But Why!

This podcast is a show led by kids for kids.  Kids get to ask the questions and listen afterwards to discover the answers!  A fun show for the entire family.


If you have a kid interested in the ancient Greeks, this is the podcast for them!  This podcasts features retellings of stories of Ancient Greece with fun facts of history and culture thrown in.

8. Smash Boom Best

A personal favorite of our family’s, Smash Boom Best is a debate show for kids and families to listen to together.  Each episode focuses on two things where guests share carefully crafted debates to be crowned the “best.”

9.  The Past The Curious

A history podcast for kids that emphasizes humor and fun.  Each episode focuses on a historic event that is retold by different guests.  Every episode features important songs to go with each historical event.

How To Listen To Podcasts

There are several different ways to listen to podcasts.  Both on the go or at home, there are many ways to listen.  You can listen to these episodes through apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, Kidspod, or the Podcast App through your Apple iPhone.

While in the car, we use these apps to play the podcast episodes through Apple CarPlay or through Bluetooth.

While at home, you can use your phone to play the podcasts or on devices like the Yoto Player which we have and love.

We have used the Yoto player for many years and absolutely love the podcast option it provides.

We have also used the Yoto to play well-loved stories through the story cards, the radio, and the alarm clock.

You can see more about the Yoto player through my affiliate link here.

I hope you find a new favorite podcasts for kids from this list!

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