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Easy Playdough Tray Using a Dollar Store Tray

April 13, 2021 No Comments
Playdough Tray
Easy Playdough tray using a Dollar Store tray with materials you already have.


Easy Playdough Trays

Playdough trays are our favorite go-to simple activity to set up for a stress free morning.  I especially love using the plastic appetizer trays from Dollar Tree to set out different materials to use along with our playdough.

Playdough trays are such easy sensory activities to set up and a favorite for an easy Monday morning when I may need an extra cup of coffee to regroup in the morning!

I love using Simple playdough trays using materials we already have around the house.  I use these materials to create invitations to play and create when I need a quick activity.  There is so much value in having our kids use playdough.  From helping to develop their fine motor skills, to leading to creative and independent play; playdough really is the best.

When you set up a simple play dough tray like this, you can use both store or homemade play dough.  Both work well for inspiring your kids to play creatively!

When creating a simple playdough tray there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure the materials you are using are familiar to your child and they can easily manipulate the on their own.
  2. Keep the tray in a comfortable and safe place for your child to freely explore
  3. Pair your simple playdough tray with a separate tray for your child to create on.  Or have a messy mat prepped underneath beforehand.
  4. The figurines and materials that you use with the playdough tray are of high interest for your little one.
Easy playdough trays using high interest toys


How To Set Up an Easy Playdough Tray:

  1. Take a separated tray like the plastic appetizer tray form the Dollar Tree
  2. Gather cookie cutters, playdough rollers, Target mini-erasers, colorful craft sticks, foam shapes, and small figurines that are of high interest to your child.

Some Ideas for Changing Out Figurines in the Playdough tray:

  • Princesses
  • Farm animals
  • Under the sea animals
  • Insects
  • Favorite TV show characters
  • Little People
  • Safari Ltd. Flowers

Playdough trays and easy set ups like this are not only simple to put together when you need an activity in a hurry.  But, they also encourage your little one to use their imagination, play creatively, and manipulate the playdough to practice their fine motor skills.

Activities like this are the perfect bridge activity towards pre-writing!

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Easy playdough tray using materials you already have in your house.

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