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Halloween Toddler Activities

October 7, 2020 No Comments

Halloween Toddler Activities 

October is one of my absolute favorite months.  There’s something about the changing season and the start of the holidays that put me in an instant good mood!  Creating these Halloween toddler activities has been so much fun.  Little Miss Toddler has loved every single one that we have done so far.  I hope you and your little ones will find some new activity ideas to do together this month from this list! I am excited to share all of our favorites from October.

Halloween Sticker Find and Count

This Halloween Sticker Find and Count was an instant hit with my daughter!  It was also so easy to put together that I know other toddlers will love it too.  One of our new favorite Halloween toddler activities for sure!  I love paper plates for toddler activities and for this one, I grabbed one and put a bunch of different Halloween stickers on the plate to make a Halloween scene.

First, I wrote the total number of each Halloween sticker on a orange sticker dot so she could match the amount to the picture.  The peeling and sticking of the stickers is a simple way to get in some fine motor practice too! Then,  I had my daughter count the stickers on the paper plate and then match the number to the correct picture on the paper.  So easy and effective!

Halloween Snack and Sort

This little Halloween Snack and Sort or “snacktivity” that I like to call it was the perfect simple math set up!  I grabbed the Halloween Veggie Straws with Bats and Ghosts from Target and the Bats and Ghost chips from Trader Joe’s to set up this little snack and sort.  I simply put a ghost sticker and a bat sticker from Michael’s Store at the top of white computer paper.  Then, I placed a plate of the Halloween themed chips with the paper and had her sort the chips into the two categories.  This would be a perfect Halloween activity for a snack time treat or a class party!

Halloween Sensory Bin and Shadow Match

Another instant favorite for my daughter has been this Halloween Sensory Bin and Shadow Match Activity.  I wanted to set up a quick and simple sensory bin that I could reuse throughout the entire month.  This one really fit the bill!  In this Halloween sensory bin, I used:

  • Dry black beans
  • Halloween themed color pom-poms
  •  Candy and Jack-O-Lantern mini-erasers from Target
  • A mini cauldron
  • Tweezers
  • A few containters
  • Halloween Shadow Matching Mat and pictures from my October Learn and Play Activity Packet 

I plan to keep this sensory bin out but change out the activities that we use with it.

Halloween Picture Shadow Clip Cards

Halloween Picture Shadow Match Clip Cards is another activity we have been loving from my October Learn and Play Activity Packet!  

These Halloween picture shadow match clip cards are the perfect way to practice visual discrimination with your toddlers.  I love to pair these shadow clip cards with clothespins or Target mini-erasers.

Pumpkin Decorating Craft Tray

Would it be October if we didn’t include a pumpkin decorating craft tray?!  We love decorating pumpkins but we also know that with toddlers, this can get messy!  I included some of our favorite craft materials on this tray that don’t necessarily lead to mess!  We used a few mini pumpkins and a craft pumpkin for this fun and classic activity!  On our craft tray you will find:

  • Foam shape stickers
  • Gem stickers
  • Assorted gems
  • Confetti
  • Glitter glue
  • Classic googly eye stickers
  • Multi-colored googly eyes
  • Kwik Stix paint markers

Pumpkin Oobleck Rescue

If you haven’t tried oobleck with your little ones yet, I am here to tell you it’s a must!  Oobleck is a Newtonian substance which means that it can take on both solid and liquid properties.  But, what you need to know is that it is made up of 2 cups of cornstarch and one cup water!  With this mixture to make it more Halloween, I dyed it with orange food coloring.  I combined our oobleck with some Target pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern mini-erasers and fine motor tools for her to use to rescue them with!  I combined the bowl of oobleck with a bin of water to extend her play even more.  This has been a hit for two years in a row now and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon!

Which Halloween toddler activities will you try from this list?  I hope we have given you some new ideas to use throughout the month!

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Halloween Toddler Activities. Hands-on activity ideas for Halloween to do with your toddler.

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