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If You Take A Mouse To School Preschool Activities

August 21, 2020 No Comments
If You Take A Mouse To School Preschool Activities


As we start our homeschool preschool co-op next week, I am so excited to share some of the activities we will be using to go along with a favorite back to school read aloud, If You Take A Mouse To School by Laura Numeroff.  We love all of the stories in this series so I am so excited to use them now in our “Mommy Playschool” that we set up with a few friends this year. These If You Take A Mouse To School Preschool Activities will be perfect to start the year off with and so fun for our toddlers and preschoolers to play with.

Vocabulary Cards

This silly mouse who is always searching for his next snack, seems to get himself into trouble everywhere he goes.  I know my little one and her friends will love this silly story and I can’t wait to share it with her friends.  It’s a perfect story to discuss back to school vocabulary words, story sequencing, and school rules and expectations. You can display the vocabulary cards while you read the story or introduce them beforehand to set the stage for your kids.

Story Sequencing Story Puppets

After reading the story, we will use these follow-up activities to practice important preschool skills.  Read the story during circle time and pick a few activities to follow up with afterwards to address these important preschool skills. First thing we will do is to reenact the story with these  story sequencing puppets.

Letter Hunt Mat

To continue with the back to school theme, we will go on a letter hunt with Mouse.  We will talk about letter names and beginning sounds that go along with the story.  To do this activity, we will hide the letter cards around for the kids to find.  To do this at home, you can tape the cards around the room or place them in a sensory bin.

Follow-Up Activities

If You Take A Mouse To School Preschool Activities


We will do the vocabulary cards, story retell puppets, and the letter hunt with her friends during our preschool co-op.   I will save the other activities in the packet to do at home with her another time.  There are more math and fine motor practice in the If You Take A Mouse To School preschool activity packet.

Looking to try these If You Take A Mouse To School Preschool Activities with your kids at home?  Click the link to see more here!

If You Take A Mouse To School Preschool Activities

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