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Bedtime and Morning Routine Chart For Toddlers

June 18, 2020 1 Comment
Morning and bedtime routine charts for toddlers.
I don’t know if this is something that happens to all newly turned 3 year olds, but lately Little Miss Toddler has been fighting bedtime!  We have always had a pretty clear routine for bedtime but lately each step takes 10 times longer or Little Miss will request more water, more potty breaks, or more songs.
As much as I want to indulge everything she says (Yes, I’m a sucker)  I know it’s not what is the best thing for any of us.  So, when I saw the ladies over at Big Little Feelings on instagram, about saying BYE to bedtime battles, I knew it was the information we needed.  Their suggestion was to keep the chaos as calm as possible with a structured routine. I could tell that our routine had gone much to the wayside with Little Miss’s newfound bedtime requests and the end of the day exhaustion by her parents, our routine was slowly slipping away. With their suggestion, I created a bedtime routine and morning routine checklist to help us keep the routine structured and as predictable as possible.
I know one of the things that have been breaking our predictable routine is the lack of boundaries we have been having with Little Miss at bedtime.  We have allowed all of the wiggle room with her requests and not setting expectations from the beginning.  With this new bedtime routine checklist, the expectations are laid out clearly and we give her the power to check off each step that she completes and will reward her with a sticker each morning that we successfully complete the chart.
Big Little Feelings shared how bedtime SHOULD be boring and not exciting so that our toddler’s bodies and minds can calm down in time to go to sleep.  My hope is that these FREE checklists will help both you and your toddlers have a successful and calm bedtime and morning routine.
To download these free editable morning and bedtime routine checklists for kids, simply click the link HERE or in the picture.  I chose to type in Little Miss’s name at the top, which you can do by creating a text box and typing your child’s name at the top.  I printed the chart and laminated it so we could reuse it over and over again.  I wanted her to use a whiteboard marker to check off each completed step on our bedtime routine checklist.
I have created both girl and boy versions for our morning and bedtime routine checklists and a more detailed bedtime routine checklist and also a simple checklist.  You can print and use whichever checklist would work best for your family.  Other ways you can use these checklists is to print out one each morning/night and use stickers on them, or print one copy and place into a page protector to use a whiteboard marker on them as well.
My goal with these checklists is to create a much more predictable routine for bedtime and morning so that the requests stay to a minimum because she understands what is expected.  I hope that these checklists provide you with a better system to help your bedtime routine and morning routine run more smoothly.
If you print these out and use them with your little ones, we would love to see!  Tag us in a picture on Instagram so we can celebrate no more bedtime battles with you!
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