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Snowflake Name Hunt Toddler Activity

December 5, 2019 No Comments
Hi everyone!  I’m popping in really quickly to share a fun, engaging, and very hands-on activity to get your little one up and moving and practicing building their names!  As I continue introducing new skills to my daughter, I realize that she benefits from as much movement as possible.  That’s not surprising for a 2 1/2 year old but I am trying to be more mindful of what she enjoys and create activities to go along with her interests!
Lately, she has been attending a toddler class with me and she is so excited every time she finds her name tag in the circle with her name written on a pink index card.  So, I knew we were approaching a time where learning the letters in her name was going to be appropriate.  I never want to force a skill on her that she’s not ready for but just try and follow her interest!  That’s where the basis of this activity came from.  Name practice plus movement seemed like a win-win!
This activity would be perfect to use with your little ones at home or in the classroom all winter long.  You can simply write the letters in their names on snowflakes or use the ones I have created in my packet here.  I printed, cut out, and taped out the snowflake letters in her name in our hallway so she would walk outside in the morning and see them immediately.  I told her that it snowed overnight in Florida and she had to go on a hunt and collect all of the snowflakes that she could find!  This part instantly hooked her!  Snow? In Florida? YES, PLEASE!
After she collected all of her snowflake letters I had her bring them to the table where her snowflake name tag was placed.  I worked with her to use her name tag to put the snowflake letters into the correct order to spell her name.  Since this was her first time building her name, we spent a lot of time talking about the letters and checking her name tag to make sure they matched the order she was putting them in.  She has a longer name so I supported her when she needed a break and helped her with a few so she wouldn’t get bored!
She was so proud of the finished product and seeing her name in snowflakes that I knew I needed to share this activity idea!  I can’t wait to adapt this to use during different holidays and seasons!  If you would like to try this with your little ones, I have a completely editable version in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for you to grab today and set up!  You can find it here!
I would love to hear if you try this activity with your little ones!  Make sure to tag me on social media or email me to tell me how they liked it!
Thank YOU for stopping by!

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