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Chalkboard Classroom Decor for the Elementary Classroom

June 10, 2019 4 Comments

Chalkboard Classroom Decor
My first three years of teaching, I changed my classroom decor every single summer.  I don’t know if I felt that I should be because everyone else changed their classroom decorations for each new year or if it was because I really and truly enjoyed scanning different catalogs and teacher resource stores to find my new theme.  As much as I loved it each year, I knew I wanted something that was versatile and could grow with me as a teacher from year to year.
Chalkboard Classroom Decor

Have you ever heard the saying, “Create the things you wish existed?”  Well, I couldn’t find any classroom decor that fit my teaching needs, so I created my own that I have used every year since and I absolutely love it!  My classroom theme has been black and bright with pops of chalkboard for every school year since.  I find that the chalkboard classroom decor is so easy to add to and goes with so many different patterns and accents that I never get bored and can refresh often!
I bought fadeless black paper from a teacher supply store the first year I was changing my classroom to the chalkboard brights theme and it has held up ever since.  I absolutely love the black background because it makes all of my bulletin boards and anchor charts really pop and stand out.

Chalkboard Classroom Decor
One of my absolutely favorite interactive bulletin boards that I have used year after year with this theme is my Objectives board.  This board has been with me for four years now and has held up so well with it being changed weekly.  I love the bright chalkboard labels that really showcase our weekly objectives.  
It’s so easy for my students to see and I love that I can refer back to it for each new lesson.  I laminated the labels and I Can posters so I could easily erase and rewrite my objectives using an Expo marker.  

Chalkboard Classroom Decor
Another chalkboard brights classroom decor piece that I absolutely love and use every week is my Handy Helpers Classroom Jobs Display.  This easy to use display makes changing out classroom jobs SO easy and I no longer need a student to remind me to change the jobs on Monday.  I simply write each students name on a clothespin that I found at Michael’s and move them up or down each week to change the class jobs.  These labels are also editable so you can tailor them to meet the needs of your classroom.  
Assigning classroom jobs to students is an essential part of building classroom community and I love that students can easily see what they are responsible for each week with this board.   
Chalkboard Classroom Decor
Another chalkboard bright classroom decor piece that is absolutely essential in my classroom are these Schedule Cards.  I was getting bombarded each day with the same questions, “When is lunch?” and “When do we go home?”  I was so excited to add these schedule cards to my classroom decor and it has saved my sanity!
Each morning or each evening before going home, I change our schedule cards to visually show the order of activities and subjects we will have that day.  Students can easily see what activities we have left before lunch or before they go home and never have to ask those questions again!  Of course, I still get them but now I can simply say, “Check the schedule!”  and they know what to do!
Chalkboard Classroom Decor
The last area with my chalkboard bright theme that I absolutely love is the library!  I always wanted to share my love of reading with my first graders and this library was created as a cozy space to curl up with a great book and share them with friends. 

Chalkboard Classroom Decor
My Soft Brights leveled library labels are perfect for easily organizing your leveled books in your library.  These tags are labeled with both F&P levels as well as the corresponding DRA level.  My school used both resources so I wanted to make sure I knew both levels that the books were suited for.  These labels are large and bright and easy to recognize for students when they are asked to choose books from our classroom library.
I love the freedom that they provide and how easily it is to organize my books year to year.  I simply write the corresponding level on a sticker on the book cover to make putting them back correctly a simple task. 
Chalkboard Classroom Decor
I know these class decor packs will continue to grow with me and my students and I hope you find them helpful as well!  If you’re interested in seeing more of these, they are all bundled together for you in my TpT store here!


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