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Summer Bucket List Craft

May 24, 2019 2 Comments
I can’t believe it is almost June!  I know we say this all the time but where did the month of May go?!  When I was teaching in NJ, our school year went until the very end of June so there was still plenty of time left to the year at this point for learning but that didn’t mean that the kids (and teachers!) weren’t ready for summer break.  That’s why I wanted to create something that was appropriate for this time of year but kept students thinking and writing up until the last moment.  My summer bucket list crafts would make the perfect bulletin board or final week of school activity to send your students into summer with. 

 Summer Bucket List Craftivity

These Summer Bucket List Crafts are the perfect writing activity and craft for May or June in the classroom to celebrate the end of the school year with your students.  My goal is always to keep my students writing and working until the very last day and this activity would be perfect for that.  
This end of the school year activity asks students to brainstorm and write their goals and hopes for the summer by creating their very own summer bucket lists. Each summer bucket list will be unique to the student and so fun to create and share!

How to Use Summer Bucket List Crafts In The Classroom 

Whenever I begin a new writing assignment or craftivity with my students, I recognize the importance of brainstorming ideas together as a group first.  I would model creating my own summer bucket list using one of the writing templates and brainstorming out loud what I wish to accomplish with friends, family, at home, and in other activities.  
I would also ask my students to get together with a partner and brainstorm things that they hope to accomplish over the summer and things that they are excited about.  
By brainstorming as a whole class and then discussing with a partner, I would know that my students would be ready to create their summer bucket list crafts in a thoughtful way once it was time for them to work independently.

These summer bucket list crafts come in full size and half sized paper which would be perfect to pair with an Astrobrights colored paper underneath.  Have your students choose a summer kid clip art topper in either color or black and white to complete the look. These would be adorable for an end of the school year display or bulletin board.
There are 12 different writing templates for this activity and I hope that teachers or students would be able to choose which would be best for them and their students.  This makes the summer bucket list craft easily differentiated for students to choose which writing template would be best for them.  

You can read more about these summer bucket list crafts in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here!  I hope these are a simple and easy prep solution to your end of the school year lesson plans!


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