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The Ultimate Digital To-Do List for a Productive Morning Routine

March 18, 2019 No Comments

Who doesn’t love a good list?  Personally, I find the act of crossing something off of a to-do list to be massively satisfying.  I’ve even been guilty of writing something down onto my to-do list that I have already done or am about to do JUST for the satisfaction of crossing something off.

Come on, you’ve never done this?!

But, sometimes just the mere joy out of crossing a task off the to-do list STILL isn’t enough to get me to stick to crossing things off the to-do list.

So, what ends up happening to my brain dump of a to-do list daily? It becomes a new to-do list rolled over from the previous day’s list and so on and so on.  Endless pretty notebooks or notepads wasted or used up with no system of keeping track of.

If this is starting to sound familiar, you are not alone.  Recognizing the importance of a to-do list is one thing, keeping with the practice is an entirely different story.

That’s why I created this digital to-do list that incorporates not just one day’s worth of tasks, but tasks that can be completed the next day, the next week, and by the end of the month.  By having the ability to break up tasks in this way, you’re given the chance to choose which tasks must be done right away and which tasks might need more attention to be completed over time.

Tasks that are written under the today section are things that have to be done right away.  They may be smaller tasks that only take a few minutes to complete and are necessary for the flow of the day.  If your daily to-do list seems too unmanageable, split your tasks up between today and tomorrow.
A good rule of thumb while writing your daily to-do’s is to make sure they’re as detailed as possible.  The more vague a task is, the less likely you are to complete it and find the joy in crossing it off your list.
Larger tasks or things that you need more time to accomplish can be written down under this week’s section or this month.  By having the ability to plan out tasks you want to take action on by the end of the month on the same page as your daily to-do lists, makes it easier to see what tasks you need to do on a daily basis to finally cross off a major project by the end of the month.  
Write specific tasks on your today list that ultimately gets you closer to accomplishing your end of the month goal so it doesn’t seem as daunting as it creeps closer.
Having everything editable will allow you to constantly add or delete tasks that are completed on a daily basis but keep some of your bigger end of the month goals on the same page.
For a productive morning routine, open up your to-do list on your computer, laptop, or ipad and type away.  As you complete them, simply delete and start all over.  No more paper wasted or never touched!
(Make sure you download to ensure the editable version)
I hope you find this Ultimate Digital To-Do List as helpful!

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