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January 6, 2019 2 Comments
I have been sharing my Target Teacher Finds on Instagram lately and it’s been so helpful to so many other teachers!  Target has been putting out so many amazing resources for teachers lately and I love sharing what I’ve been finding!  I thought it would be helpful to put some of my recent purchases all in one place and highlight how they can be used in the classroom with your students.  

Since the summer Target has been teaming up with Learning Resources to put out affordable and essential classroom resources.  I have been blown away by the different products and how easily they can be used in the classroom.  It seems like some of the most popular resources and even some new activities have come back for the new year.  These resources would be perfect for you to add to your collection once your students come back from winter break!  Here are some of my favorite finds that I have purchased recently and some ideas for how you can incorporate them into your classroom.
1. Dry Erase Blocks

I first found these back in August and couldn’t believe my luck.  These dry erase blocks can be used for SO many things in the classroom! Really the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few ideas for how to use them in your classroom:
1. Roll a Word with different word families and vowels
2. Addition and subtraction math games
3. Table Captain Names
4. Roll a prize dice for behavior management
5. Roll a sentence with parts of speech
6.  Roll a sentence with different story ideas
7.  Roll a story with different characters, setting, problem, and solutions
2. Chalkboard Blocks

 Much like the Dry Erase blocks, the Chalkboard Blocks can be used in the same way.  You could use then for all the same purposes such as word building and math games.  Additionally, other ideas for these include:

1.  Draw a word
2.  Art blocks for recess
3.  Table signs
4. Center signs
5. Writing Center labels
3. Snap Cubes  
Snap cubes are probably my MOST used math tool in the classroom.  My first graders use these for everything!  They even keep a set of their own cubes in their math tool boxes so they can use them whenever they need them. You can use these in your classroom for:
1.  Addition counters
2.  Subtraction counters
3.  Comparing numbers
4. Syllable counting
5.  Building patterns
6. Build numbers and letters
7.  Building pictures
8.  Making ten
The possibilities with these are truly endless and I don’t think you can ever have enough!
4.  Number Flash Cards

Number flash cards are really self explanatory for how they can be used BUT a reason why I feel like you can never have enough of them is because they can be used absolutely INDEPENDENTLY by students.  Put these number flash cards in a math center or in student table caddies so whenever they have free time they can use them to practice number recognition.  You can also use these for:
1.  Addition Sentences
2. Subtraction Sentences
3.  Number match
4.  Find a partner cards
5. Doubles practice
6. Number stories
7.  Number war
5.  Alphabet Blocks
I originally picked these Alphabet Blocks up to use with my daughter but I think they would be excellent resources for your classroom also.  Some ideas to incorporate these adorable wooden alphabet blocks in your classroom are to use them for:
1.  Build a word
2.  Color match
3. Blocks center
4. Alphabet picture sorts
5. Recess build with blocks activity
6.  Alphabet match with alphabet flash cards
6.  Target Blank Books 
So, these holy grail Target blank books are no longer a well kept secret.  These seasonal blank books have already made their way into the hearts of teachers and hundreds of classrooms.  But, they are becoming even harder to find!  Anytime I see them, I try to snag a few to keep as a collection for my students.  If you have bought them for your students I would love to know how you used them!  Some of the ideas I have are:
1.  Seasonal writing center books
2.  Morning journals
3.  Weekend news journals
4.  Class memory books
5.  Word hunt notebooks
6.  Reading Response notebooks
7.  All About Me books
8.  Recording sheets for Morning Work Bingo
I love using Target Blank Books for so many things in the classroom!  Recently, I figured out they make perfect seasonal response sheets for my EDITABLE Morning Work Bingo Boards!  You can see more about them here!
7.  Valentine Eraser & Card Kit
If your love for Target mini erasers are real, these Valentine Eraser & Card kits might be the perfect purchase for you!  I saw that they had a lot of different themes in stock right now! I grabbed this adorable animal version but I also saw a dinosaur  and unicorn kit there too.  You could use these to give to your students for Valentines or you could put them in a writing center for students to create their own valentine cards for their friends!  You could even place them into a birthday gift bin if you have that in your classroom.
Have you seen any of these goodies at your Target lately?  I would love to hear how you’re planning on using them if you snagged these too!  Make sure to leave me a comment below if this post is helpful! I would love to do more of these in the future.
Happy shopping friends!


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