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Morning Work Made Easy

November 2, 2018 No Comments
Morning Work Bingo for no prep morning work

As a teacher, one of the biggest lessons I had to learn was time management.  How do I fit everything I need to teach my students into a 6 hour day, make copies, write lesson plans, tie shoes, zip jackets, maybe eat lunch, and oh yeah go to the bathroom all in one day?  At times, it felt impossible.

I would always feel that no matter how early I got to school in the morning, I still wouldn’t have enough time to get everything prepped and ready for the day and would find myself in line for the copier 5 minutes before the bell was going to ring.  Sound familiar?  Trust me, I’ve been there.
Morning Work Bingo for no prep morning work
What was it that I usually forgot to prep and had to scramble last minute to get ready? Morning work.  For some reason, morning work was ALWAYS a struggle for me in the classroom.  I would forget to copy the review sheet for the next day.  Sometimes I would copy the SAME sheet two days in a row! Or even more frustrating, the morning work that my students were asked to do would be ANYTHING but easy and would require us to complete as a whole class regardless.  Losing the point of morning work which is to be review and INDEPENDENT, a way to ease into the school day.
It took 8 years for me to FINALLY figure out a system that I think would work for both the teacher and the student to guarantee a smooth transition for all.
Morning work bingo for no prep morning work
What Is Morning Work Bingo?
Enter, Morning Work Bingo Boards.  I am SO excited to share these with you that I can’t contain myself!  BINGO has always been a hit with my students.  What kid doesn’t love to get that infamous 5 in a row and shout at the top of their lungs “BINGO!”  It’s a joy every time to watch.  So, I wanted to bring that excitement into the classroom.  
Morning Work Bingo is a SUPER simple system to set up and prep for an ENTIRE month.  Losing the early morning scramble to the copier.  Print these boards at the beginning of each month and you’re all set.  Each board contains multiple activities for your students to complete, wait for it…INDEPENDENTLY.  They cover grammar, reading skills, math fact fluency, and writing.  All important skills that students should be working on throughout the school day and now they have a choice for how they want to do it.
How Does It Work?

I have created 4 BINGO boards of student activities for the entire month.  Each week has different activities the students can choose.  Their only direction is to choose at least one activity to do each morning.  Once the activity is completed, they color in the square.  If they have more time?  They can challenge themselves and do another activity.  Completely independently and differentiated for them.  Some activities are seasonal while others repeat like Buddy Read, Practice Your Math Facts, Write about your weekend in your journal, and others.  But each activity is worth-while for your students and engaging.
How Do I Prep It?

Let me also mention that Morning Work Bingo comes in two different sizes.  You can see from the picture above that you can print a full size paper version to give to each of your students.  Each student needs only ONE BOARD FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!  That’s only one trip to the copier!
But, you also have the option of a half sheet BINGO Board which would fit perfectly glued inside of a composition notebook or a Target blank book. You can also choose to use the half sheet to simply save paper.  Both options are included!
Is It Editable?

The weekly BINGO boards for weeks 1-4 are not editable.  HOWEVER, I have created a blank BINGO board that is completely editable for you to write in your activities if you want.  You can use the ones I have created and then type in your own that you want included.  Simply type, print, and go.
Morning Work Bingo for no prep morning work
What’s Different About Morning Work Bingo?

Not only are the activities simple enough for students to complete on their own, require minimal prep for teachers, and help to practice necessary skills in the classroom but it also comes with prizes.  Each time a student completes their 5 activities in a row, they can collect a BINGO certificate.  Teachers can keep track of each time a student gets a BINGO for the month on the student tracking sheet provided in the packet and enter their name in the lottery for the GRAND PRIZE BINGO WINNER!  At the end of the month, that grand prize winner will have the chance to choose a reward off of the reward poster.  Who doesn’t love a little added incentive?!  Students are not only practicing necessary skills but they are also able to have some fun with it.  The more BINGOs they get, the more chances they have at the grand prize!
Interested in seeing more about November Morning Work Bingo?  Click on the image above or here to see more!  While you’re there feel free to check out October Morning Work Bingo and hear how helpful it was to other teachers!
I really hope this is a resource that will help your mornings start off more smoothly and take some of the stress off of your weekly lesson plans!
Thank you so much for stopping by!

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