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Making Measurement Magical

April 9, 2015 3 Comments
Before leaving for Spring Break, there are so many things I needed to get organized to make the transition for my students and myself as smooth as possible.  This meant changing the book shelves, cleaning out desks, sharpening pencils, the usual things.  But, it also meant looking ahead at what’s to come in the last few weeks of school and deciding how to make these lessons come to life for my students. 
Measurement is up next for my firsties and I knew I wanted to be prepared to present this topic in a hands-on and interactive way.  I have been trying throughout the year to engage my students in magical moments of learning.  First with contraction surgery, then superhero phonics, and some Easter spelling games.  After the break, I know I’ll need something to hook my students and excite them to be back.  That’s how I cam up with my newest packet of math activities…Magical Measurement!

I have been a frequent flyer at Party City this year, outfitting myself and my students in costumes to make my lessons become even more engaging.  I have already scoped out some fantastic magical wands from Oriental Trading Company to kick start this unit off right!

I think measurement can be one of the most exciting units to teach in first grade.  However, our math program does not bring it to life for my little ones.  I knew I needed to change things up to help drive this concept home for my students.  When my students come back from break they will be outfitted with their magic wands and treated as magicians and magician’s assistants. 

I plan on setting the stage (pun intended) by introducing some new vocabulary words with our magical anchor posters.

 We’ll start with a whole class activity where we’ll sort real magician’s tools from shortest to longest.  Then, my students will do the same in small groups with picture cards and magician’s sorting hats with our game Sort It Out!

The next day, we’ll return with our magical wands and act as magicians and magician’s assistants.  I plan on putting different magical stations around the classroom of paper bags full of classroom objects.  The magicians and assistants will be asked to wave their magic wands over the bags and say “Abra Cadabra, magical measurement what will you be?” Together they will estimate how many connecting cubes long each object is.  

Once they estimate each object’s length, they’ll measure with their partners and record the measurement they found with connecting cubes.  Each magician will circle around the room to complete each station.
Throughout the rest of the unit my magicians will go on a magical hunt around the classroom to measure  objects using magic wand rulers, measure their assistants with different non-standard units, and play a magical measurement scoot game!

 I can’t wait to see the light bulb moments for my little measurement magicians!  We’ll be using our higher order thinking through journal prompts and interactive notebook pages from my packet as well to further our understanding!

Throughout the week, we’ll incorporate some paper and pencil practice, but for the most part we’ll be investigating measurement in a hands-on and interactive way! If you’re interested in checking out this packet for your little learners, head on over to my TpT store here!
I hope you have a great rest of your week and if you’re enjoying Spring Break like I am, I hope you have many more days to relax and recharge!



  • Stacy April 10, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    I love your ideas for measurement. Your kids will love this!

    Made with Love

  • Jayme April 10, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    Thank you so much for stopping by Stacy! I hope they have so much fun with it. Have a great day!

  • takasumi May 13, 2020 at 3:45 am

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